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Multi-Tier Shelving System
These raised storage areas are separate to the building structure and make use of vertical space to add 2 or 3 additional storage levels to the operation, these can be fitted with the type of shelving that best suits the operation.
At Newcas, we can design and install robust multi-tier systems to improve efficiency within your operation.
Multi-tier shelving is a high-density storage solution that is built fitted with raised walkways to provide access to multiple levels of shelving. Designed with optimum efficiency in mind, these storage systems ensure that all available height in the warehouse is utilised.
Multi-tier units can be built to your bespoke requirements, with various integrations including lifts, decking made from a variety of different materials, stairs at different levels and mezzanine floors.
Multi-tier shelving systems offer several benefits including:
  • Maximises storage by utilising unused vertical space.
  • Increases available floor space within the warehouse.
  • Integrate walkways, stairways and additional levels dependent on requirements.
  • Constructed of heavy duty components.
  • Helps improve organisation and picking efficiency.
  • Can be fitted with a range of different shelving types to suit your needs.
  • Ideal for archive storage and manual order picking.

Multi-tier shelving systems maximise your storage capacity by utilising the full height of your building. Raised walkways, supported by the shelving units, provide full access to the top tiers of storage.

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