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New Wooden Pallet
At Newcas, our wooden pallets have widespread use and are built, mainly, in the three models described below. There are some common measurements, which include the 1000 x 1200mm, 1200 x 800mm, 1200 x 1200 mm and other bespoke pallets according to customer’s requirement. There are 3 types of pallet that most commonly used model as below:
Pallet Type 1
This is the only one that can be used interchangeably in all storage systems, as long as its skids (the lower supports bearing the flat platform where the load will rest) are perpendicular to the beams of the racking units, the support rails or the roller conveyors, as shown in the following illustration: 

In each case they must be handled using the side which makes this possible (see the illustration above):
Side A: storage in a pallet racking unit, live racks and with roller push-back.
Side B: Storage in drive-in pallet racks, push-back with trolleys and Pallet Shuttle systems. Cross-ties for pallets are required in pallet racking units. 
  • Any type of forklift or pallet handling element can easily handle these pallets. 
  • They are ideal for automated warehouses.
Pallet Type 2
  • This pallet can be stored on pallet racks, drive-in pallet racks, and trolley push-back.
  • They are not suitable for handling with stackers.
Pallet Type 3 

These can be stored on pallet racks or drive-in racks, trolley push-back systems, and pallet racking units. 

When they are stored on pallet racking units care must be taken with the edges, as the two scenarios described below could occur. These two situations are entirely unacceptable, since they put the safety and reliability of the facility and the load at risk.

The pallet is not well supported by the beam, so it could fall.
The beam is very close to the lower board so the forklift, upon picking up the pallet, could push it and deform the beam.
There are some other pallet type available at Newcas:
Two openings, double-sided, reversible.
Four openings, double-sided, reversible.
Four openings, double-sided, not reversible (single use).
Two openings, double-sided, not reversible.
Two openings, single-sided, not reversible.

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